Tree Planting Project


The Masai Mara

Elephants in their constant search for food knock down trees, it’s just something that they do….Often they will strip and eat a few branches of vegetation and then leave the rest of the tree to die. Over the years we have seen the Riverine forest of the Mara around the Mara river decline and shrink drastically. In an attempt to reverse this trend we have initiated a tree planting project.

We have planted around 5400 trees around all our camps so far and it doesn’t stop there. We have given the local school 500 trees to plant, as well as 800 trees to other camps and individuals. We have only used indigenous trees to Kenya which include Sausage Trees, Gardinia, Fig, Pepper, Croton, Quinine and many others. We have made this tree project a priority and will continue with it.