Governors' Mugie House Laikipia

Ciao from Governors’ Mugie House!

This is Andrea and Manuela, the new managers at Governors’ Mugie House! We arrived up here at the start of Kenya’s partial lockdown – but wow, what a beautiful place to be lying low and letting these tricky times pass us by.

Meet Manuela and Andrea – the new managers!

Early morning tea and a game of Scrabble at Governors’ Mugie House

– photo credit Alisa Karstad 

Despite no guests to host, we have been very busy with our small team of staff, looking after this incredible home: The vegetable garden is ready with yellow peppers, leeks, beetroots, celery, kales, many different types of lettuce and tomatoes and chili peppers from Italy!

The vegetable garden enjoying all the rain.

Zacharia, Patrick and Andrew are working hard planting more aloes and perfecting the flower beds around the Family Cottage, the Garden Cottage and cottages 5 and 7. In many parts of Kenya there has been too much rain, but up here we are thankful for the rain because it is helping to give life to all our plants and it is starting to really look like a ‘garden of Eden’.

Two weeks ago our bees decided to leave two of our beehives so Mike, our expert beekeeper, together with Boni and Patrick magically renovated it and all of a sudden, the bees are back making pure honey which all our guests will certainly love! Take a tour around our bee hives with me HERE.

As much as we were looking forward to a full house, the quiet time has allowed us to really perfect our culinary skills – in fact, our chef Munkai is trying new recipes all the time. He is now an expert at making gnocchi and tortellini, delicious madeleines and almond sapori cookies for teatime. His latest dish is beetroot coloured Tagliatelle. Andrea and myself are the lucky ones who must sample and give feedback: His food is definitely the best we have ever had! Watch us making homemade pasta HERE!

Our chef Munkai making homemade ‘Trofie’ pasta. 

Last Sunday we had a huge herd of buffalo at the waterhole – it was very impressive and nice to see such a big group staying together – like all of us staying together in these uncertain times. Meanwhile, the local wildlife is slowly settling in around the house – soon we will have a ‘cast of characters’ like the rest of the Governors’ properties. Swallows are nesting wherever they can, and as with other animals, it seems like everything is trying to carry on with life as normal, as are we.

By Manuela, manager at Governors’ Mugie House



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