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News from Loldia House

29 July, 2013

July has been really  busy with Guest’s from all over the World.   We had a delightful Australian couple staying who were celebrating their 50th. Wedding Anniversary.

Almost all the guest’s are going over to the small lake – Ol Odian – for a boat trip.   They are seeing many more flamingos than at Lake Nakuru and a lot of other birds plus hippo and giraffe.  




Guest’s going to Nakuru Park are almost guaranteed to see rhino and the Rothschild Giraffe. Some guests have been lucky enough to see a pride of lions with cubs and some even sitting in a tree.



 The walks on Crescent Island are also proving popular, with guest seeing giraffe, wildebeest, waterbuck and plenty of birdlife. 



At the beginning of this month guest’s had a fantastic sighting of a female leopard.  They were called by the watchmen during dinner – the guests stood on the verandah and watched the leopard trot outside the fence at the bottom of the garden and back again.

We have a new head chef called Gilbert. Gilbert takes over from Daniel Ndegwa who was the most superb chef and we have been receiving lots of compliments on the quality and standard of Gilberts food which is great. 

With support from Governors’ Camp Sandie Edmeades visited Loldia House to oversee the annual Sports Event at the Loldia Primary School.   The final of which was ‘Prize Giving’ – the awards were presented by Bette Hopcraft and Jill Retief, whose families farm Loldia Farm. Sandie who is a Trustee of the Loldia School fund reported that the increase in the school population, now 1,920, is of great concern.  The lack of Government funding in the School is having a detrimental effect on the children and the standard of education that can be provided for them. Poverty in Kassarani, the home of the majority of the pupils, is widespread and the way out of this is through education.    The main aim of the Loldia School Fund is to provide the resources to enable the children to take this opportunity. If you would like to know more about the School Fund or feel you can contribute to it please contact Sandie Edmeades direct – email

loldia school children

Loldia is full for the month of August as the majority of the Guest’s will be heading to the Mara as the Migration this year is phenomenal.

- Heather Wallington, Loldia House Manager, Photos courtesy of Robin Tickle. 

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