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Lake Victoria Blogs

2 January, 2018

December at Mfangano Island Camp

At Mfangano we hosted our first ever cycle challenge, mountain bikers arrived from all over Kenya to take part and cycle the two routes across the island in two days. The even was a huge success and we are certain to run this again this year. Guests have been enjoying some good fishing, bird and otter watching as well as relaxing at our beautiful island paradise and the permaculture gardens are going from strength to strength.

1 December, 2017

Mfangano News

The countdown is on to our first ever Mfangano Cycle Challenge. This will be held from the 9th to the 12th of December at Mfangano Island Camp on Lake Victoria. All levels of cyclist are welcome and we welcome non cyclists too. Manager Thor has been busy clearing cycle routes across the Island. There are several route options to choose from with some absolutely fantastic riding all over the island. From smooth flowy tracks around the circumference of the island to more challenging technical climbs and descents through the interior.

2 November, 2017

October at Mfangano Island Camp

On Mfangano the rains have transformed the island and everything is looking lovely and green. The Spotted Necked Ottars have been in camp quite a lot and we have had 30 chickens delivered to the permaculture project so we hope to have plenty of fresh eggs very soon. Mfangano is gearing up to host our very first cycle challenge next month. The routes have been reccyed and the terrain assessed and we are now taking bookings for this very exciting event.

2 October, 2017

September news from Mfangano Island Camp

This month we said goodbye to Miles and welcomed new manager Thor. Thor returns to Mfangano after 25 years when he last visited us as one of our littler guests. Mfangano has had a warm and balmy weather. New hammocks have gone in to the camp, a pair of double toothed barbets are nesting above the pool, fish eagles call from the bluff above camp and the otters have been swimming past camp in the mornings. We held a successful permaculture workshop for widows on the island and we are now working on the next phases of our permaculture gardens.

31 August, 2017

August at Mfangano Island Camp

Mfangano has had a busy August with guests arriving from all over the world. There have been day trips to Bird Island, Sacred Island, the rock art, mountain biking, fishing and of course plenty of relaxation. Back at the camp manager Miles and his team arranged a week long permaculture course for 5 students from the local primary school which was a huge success.

31 July, 2017

July at Mfangano Island Camp

Mfangano has had a busy and exciting month. There have been big celebrations on the island with a huge party for 150+ guests which we assisted with. The permaculture gardens are coming on really well and there has been a big permaculture success story at the local primary school where some of the older students have taken on a very degraded piece of land and are turning it into a productive permaculture site. We are so impressed by their enthusiasm that we have invited them to join us for a permaculture course at the lodge.

30 June, 2017

June at Mfangano Island Camp

June has been a busy and exciting month at Mfangano. The camp has been very busy with extending the jetty, rebuilding the boats, and work is continuing apace in our Permaculture gardens. We have big harvests of vegetables and the chefs have been getting creative in the kitchens with all this fresh produce, we installed our first beehives and our aquaponics system is taking off with 300 Tilapia fingerlings just introduced to the farm.

6 June, 2017

May at Mfangano Island Camp

Mfangano has reopened for the season and the camp is a buzz with activity. We have done some work on the rooms and the permaculture gardens are flourishing, producing good quantities for the camp kitchens and many of our staff have carried these permaculture ideas home. The local school we support now also has a productive permaculture garden and together with help from our guests we have built them a kitchen.