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The Great Rift Valley Blogs

27 April, 2018

April at Loldia House

Rainy season is in full swing at Loldia and the ranch has received a lot of rain, there is plenty of grazing for the resident wildlife and as if timed to perfection there has been lots of new babies born.Lake levels have risen to just below our new deck and guests have been enjoying boat trips on the lake. The water birds are very happy and we were involved in a big tree planting session in the Eburu forest reserve.

28 March, 2018

March at Loldia House

The rains have finally arrived at Loldia this month and the ranch is looking wonderful and green. Guests have been treated to sightings of leopard and aardvark on their night game drives and work has been completed on our new sundowner jetty! Our guests have also been enjoying lovely picnic breakfasts at Lake Elementaita on their way to Lake Nakuru and we are looking forward to having a full house over Easter.

28 February, 2018

February at Loldia House

February has been a dry month not unlike the rest of Kenya. Minimal rain and heavy winds has meant things have really started to dry out, but the upside to it is, on our little oasis in front of the lake, the game has been teeming! Impala continue to enjoy our lush lawns, and much of the game can be spotted right in front of Loldia house as they take advantage of the cool lake waters. Due to the drier weather at the moment, the sunrises and sunsets have been absolutely magnificent!

1 February, 2018

January at Loldia House

The big news at Loldia is that we are gearing up for our big lodge refurbishment project due to take place in the next few months. We are also hard at work developing new and exciting activities for our guests including exploring the Eburu forest ecosystem and all that it has to offer and further afield. We made a big donation to the school of soaps, shampoos and toiletries and guests have been enjoying some wonderful night game drives on the ranch even seeing the resident leopards.

3 January, 2018

December at Loldia House

Loldia has had a busy festive season hosting big family groups for both Christmas and New Year. The flamingoes have returned to Lake Nakuru in large numbers and we have been taking guests to explore the Mau Eburu Forest ecosystem, a beautiful wild indigenous forest which is one of Kenya's most important forest water towers.

4 December, 2017

November at Loldia House

Loldia has had a lovely short rainy season, guests have been heading out on boat rides to see the wonderful lake birdlife. We have had great day trips to Lake Nakuru National Park where our guests have had great lion and rhino sightings and the migratory have arrived on the ranch bringing a whole new diversity to the already fabulous birdlife on the ranch.

30 October, 2017

October at Loldia House

This month Denis our conservation officer took a trip to the Eburu Forest which borders Loldia and which has opened a wildlife corridor with Loldia Ranch. Denis went to see what conservation iniatives are underway and how Governors can support these. Back at the ranch there has been rain and the water hyacyinth is in bloom on the lake. The pythons are leaving their holes and young hyena has taken up residence in the papyrus close to the house.

29 September, 2017

September at Loldia House

Loldia has received a lot of unseasonal rain over the last month and as a result the gardens are looking glorious. The birding in and around the gardens has been just fabulous. Guests have been enjoying great day trips to Lake Nakuru National Park via Lake Elementaita where there are flocks of flamingoes and we have also been taking guests up to the Abedare Mountain Range.

1 September, 2017

August at Loldia House

Loldia had a full house over the elections and we are happy that everything went so well. Our guests have been enjoying some fabulous bird watching out on the lake and great day trips to Lake Nakuru National Park where rhinos, flamingoes and lion have all been seen aplenty. Back on the ranch the night game drives have turned up aardvark, skunks, porcupines bat eared foxes and all the creatures of the night!

31 July, 2017

July at Loldia House

July brought rain to Loldia which was a cause of much celebration. The land is looking lush and green and the animals fat and happy. There has been great night game drives on the ranch including 5 porcupines seen together on one occasion. And we have been exploring Mount Longonot and the great hiking options the volcano offers.