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Masai Mara Blogs

30 April, 2018

April in the Masai Mara

April has been marked by plentiful rain. The plains are green, the savanna grasses are growing long and the Mara River and Marshes are full of water. Family herds of elephant feed in the Marsh. There are new cubs for the Marsh Pride, lioness Yaya has two new tiny cubs. Very sadly Rembo's cubs have disappeared, we think fallen victim to the one eyed male. The birdlife has been prolific especially around the Little Governors Marsh where the Heronry is teeming with life.

31 March, 2018

March in the Masai Mara

Heavy rain arrived in the Masai Mara over the last month. The River rose dramatically and the Marsh filled up with water. Huge herds of Elephant families flocked to the Marsh to feed and the youngsters played very happily in the mud. Very sadly Marsh Pride lioness Rembo seems to have lost one cub but the other two are safely tucked away in a new hiding spot. And we have had some regular rhino visitors to Little Governors Camp including three at a time!

28 February, 2018

February in the Masai Mara

Large herds of resident wildebeest and zebra with their young calves and foals have arrived on the plains. The elephants continue to feed in large numbers in the Marsh and in the forests around our camps. There was great excitement at Governors Camp as an elephant gave birth in the early morning beside our plains tents! Out on the plains there are large clans of hyena with many small cubs at their den sites. Marsh Pride lioness Rembo has returned to the Marsh, where she gave birth to three tiny cubs. She has kept the cubs safely hidden near the Marsh and we have enjoyed some wonderful sightings of them.

30 January, 2018

January in the Mara

The Mara has received quite a lot of unseasonal rain this month greening up the plains. In the forest the Warburgia trees are fruiting drawing the elephant families into the camps and surrounding forests to feed. Topi and their calves are congregating on the southern plains there are wildflowers blooming, butterflies a plenty and birds feasting on the bounty of fruit. The lion prides are thriving with plenty of cubs in the Madomo and Paradise Prides and we have had lots of great leopard and cheetah sightings.

2 January, 2018

December in the Masai Mara

December has been a beautiful month in the Mara, warm days with the occasional rain shower and distant thunder showers have made the Mara green and given some spectacular photographic opportunities. Big herds of zebra cover the plains, elephant families move through the camps and out into the grasslands to feed, there are new beginnings for the Marsh Pride, tiny leopard cubs and coalitions of cheetah hunting close to the camps.

29 November, 2017

November News Masai Mara

We have had a wonderful short rainy season in the Masai Mara. The Marsh filled with water and grasses on the plains grew long drawing in large herds of resident wildebeest and zebra who cover the plains in big numbers. In the forests the trees are fruiting drawing in families of elephants, birds and baboons and out on the plains there are young of every species from warthog to Jackals and caterpillars to lion cubs. The migrant birds have begun to arrive and we have seen big flocks of European Bee eaters flying overhead.