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September 2018

7 September, 2018

August at Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge

August is holiday month for many; the gorillas also find time and energy to wander through their kingdom looking always for the sweetest shoots of bamboo and thistle. Sometimes this takes them further up the hills, through the beautiful Hypericum forests to the equally lovely and more open sub alpine zone. Here the gnarled and twisted trunks of the forest Hagenia make way for the Giant Lobelia and Senecio that are so typical of the higher altitudes.

4 September, 2018

August in the Masai Mara

August was a particularly interesting month since the wildebeest migration and weather were very different to previous years. We have had mostly cool, overcast mornings turning brighter later but clouding over most afternoons. There has been almost no rain - only a few short showers until the late afternoon of the 24th when a storm hit the area, which is always great for the flora and fauna and settles the dust. The wildebeest arrived in large numbers (but later than expected), entering the Mara at Sand River and spreading out between Keekorok Lodge and Talek River.