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September 2016

30 September, 2016

September at Loldia House

Loldia has had a busy September hosting guests from all across the world. The grounds close to the house have been visited by zebra, impala, hippos, warthog and the lone giraffe. The Kenya Wildlife Services were called in to help an eland that was found with a snare around its neck, the eland was freed successfully. And there has been some good fishing enjoyed in the lake in front of the house.

30 September, 2016

September in the Masai Mara

We have had a fabulous migration month, with river crossings on a near daily basis. Huge herds fanned out on the plains and guests in the balloon had fabulous sightings of the migration from the air. Elephant families pass back and forth, pausing in the Marsh to drink and feed sometimes moving through the camps in large numbers. There are tiny cubs in the Marsh and Paradise prides of lion and we have had lovely sightings of some small leopard cubs up close to the river. But the great highlight of the month was the sight of a pack of wild dogs seen by our guests outside of the reserve.

29 September, 2016

September at Mfangano Island Camp

September has been a lovely month of Mfangano Island we had a few rain showers and felt the tremor of the Tanzanian earthquake. Guests have been enjoying the lakeside bird-watching and we have a new traditional wooden boat, perfect for taking groups around the island. We have welcomed back repeat guests and there has been a lot of work on the local community schools thanks to kind guest donations.

1 September, 2016

Why we love September in Masai Mara

September normally brings scattered rain showers to the plains of the Masai Mara and with the rain comes splashes of colour from the wild flowers blooming among the savannah grasses. Huge herds of wildebeest and zebra cover the plains and there are nerve racking river crossings. Elephant are frequent visitors to camp and many of the big cats have cubs. cleverly coinciding with this time of plenty on the plains. We see flocks of Eurasian Bee Eaters flying above the plains and Marsh Owls hunting in the evenings.

1 September, 2016

August at Loldia House

August has been a busy month at Loldia, our guests have been enjoying day and night game drives on the ranch where we have even had sightings of the rare giant forest hog. The birding has been fabulous and we have even begun to see the arrival of the first european migrants. We have also had great day trips to Lake Nakuru National Park and Lake Bogoria where there are currently millions of flamingoes.