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April 2016

29 April, 2016

April at Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge

The rains have arrived in Rwanda marking the start of the quieter season and many of our guests have been fortunate enough to go on private gorilla treks, there were many wonderful encounters with Gorillas the highlight of which had to be watching a black back gorilla chase away a forest buffalo. Rwanda marked its week of remembrance for the Genocide with Peace and reconciliation talks held around the country which our lodge played a small part in and Thor and Alisa, took some guests to explore Rwanda by bike and some of the other hidden treasures of the region.

29 April, 2016

April at Loldia House

Rain has arrived on the ranch and there are young animals everywhere you look. Down by the lake a mother and baby hippo have made their home close to the jetty and up at the airstrip there is lots of wildlife. Guest have had great day trips to Lake Nakuru seeing up to six white rhinos at a time and prides of lion with flamingoes on the southern side of the lake. We have also been on a recce to explore Eburru a beautiful wild region close to us and we hope to open this up as an activity to guests soon.

28 April, 2016

April Game Report Masai Mara

April saw the arrival of the rains. Hot days, led to rainy afternoons and evenings with cosy evenings spent in camp listening to the pitter patter of rain on a canvas roof. Grasses on the plains have grown leading large elephant families out of the woodlands and onto the grasslands to feed. Water levels in the Marsh and Mara River rose keeping the hippos happy. We have had great lion sightings with the Marsh Pride breakaways returning and fabulous leopard and cheetah sightings.