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November 2015

4 November, 2015

October at Loldia House

At Loldia House we are waiting for the arrival of the long predicted El Nino rains. Our guest have been enjoying boat trips on the lake, day trips to Lake Ol Oldien and Lake Nakuru where they have been seeing lion and lots and lots of rhino. Back at the house we have had some interesting visitors including a python who came to the garden and quickly left, a giraffe who politely stepped over the fence, a family of warthogs and a rather old Eland.

4 November, 2015

October at Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge

October has been a busy month at Sabyinyo, we have welcomed guests from all over the world and our guests have been enjoying some memorable Gorilla trekking. The rains arrived mostly in the afternoons, causing our gardens to bloom and the mushrooms and new bamboo shoots to grow in the forest; a favourite with the gorillas! The staff football team took on the teachers team from the village and lost but it was a fun afternoon for all and the community brought in a bumper potato harvest to send to market in Kigali.

2 November, 2015

October Wildlife Report Masai Mara

October saw the arrival of the first rains. With the migration on the move the big river crossings continued with crocodile feeding in the water and leopard hunting on the river banks. Elephant families were seen feeding in the long grasses and a big herd of Eland moved into the marsh close to our camps. Large clans of spotted hyena roam the plains and ostriches were displaying for a their mates. In the Marsh Pride with the males away there have been incursions from other males, one male Blackie was badly beaten by the returning males who found him in their territory. The vets were called to treat him and he is making a good recover. We have had great leopard sightings especially of mothers with cubs and the cheetah Malaika has moved her cubs onto the plains closer to us where we have had frequent sightings of them hunting.