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October 2015

9 October, 2015

September at Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge

It has been a busy month at Sabyinyo as high season continues. The seasons are turning in Rwanda and with that the gorillas diet and habits begin to change, our guests even had the pleasure of witnessing a family of gorillas sharing a huge wild mushroom and preference being given to a breastfeeding female in the group! There have been refurbishments at the lodge, honey collecting in the gardens and new cocktails added to the menu. Managers Thor and Alisa were very privileged to be allowed to take a trek to see the very wild Mafunzo group and they also attended the 11th Annual Gorilla Naming ceremony. Attended by the President of Rwanda the ceremony names all new gorillas in Rwanda and celebrates Rwanda's achievements in conservation.

8 October, 2015

September at Loldia House

As the dry season draws to a close Loldia Ranch is looking forward to the coming rainy season. There is lots of wildlife still up at the airstrip and the bird life is amazing. Night game drives have been interesting with the nocturnal animals all coming out. And we have finally got our boat back out on the Lake and guests have been enjoying morning boating on lake Naivasha. There was also a good sighting of one of the resident leopards which we have not seen for a while.

7 October, 2015

September Wildlife Report Masai Mara

Over the last month we have seen a massive influx of wildebeest and zebra on the plains around our camps. There have been big, dramatic river crossings with lots of crocodiles hunting in the water. The plains have been covered with the migration as far as the eye can see and the herds have even been crossing the river in Governors Camp and moving through our camps sometime grazing between the guest tents. Elephant families have been moving in and out, frequently visiting our camps. There have been some interesting sightings like the Oribi and the big cats have been busy feeding and our guests have had great sightings of lion, leopard and cheetah.