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August 2015

4 August, 2015

Why we love August in Masai Mara

The month of August is marked by spectacular sunrises. By August the herds of the wildebeest migration have normally reached the plains around our camp and they move around in large numbers grazing the grass down. There can be spectacular river crossings during August with large numbers of wildebeest taking the plunge to run the gauntlet of the crocodile infested waters to reach the other side. Elephants move about crossing the Mara River and frequently visiting our camps, there are often small babies amongst the herds. The Marsh Pride remain at the heart of their territory and the sightings of all the big cats remain good.

4 August, 2015

July at Loldia House

We have received a lot of lovely guests at Loldia over the last month. It has been quite chilly at times with winds coming off the lake and we have received some good rain which is always welcome. A pair of crested cranes have begun to nest at the pump house and the impalas are moving about on the ranch to graze. Guests visiting Lake Nakuru National Park have had nice sightings of rhino, giraffe, lion and colobus monkeys and back at the house we now have wifi signal to all the guest rooms.

3 August, 2015

July in Masai Mara

July has been a dry month with some scattered rain around. Large herds of resident Wildebeest and Zebra have criss crossed the plains and the Mara River in their thousands. Early on in the month the herds from the Wildebeest migration got tantalising close reaching the Sand River Area then moving north and crossing back and forth we await the arrival of the big herds on the plains around our camps. We have had lovely sightings of Eland herds, elephants in large family groups have been crossing the river and feeding on the plains and the lions have been busy picking off wildebeest and zebra and our guests have been enjoying sightings of cheetah Malaika and her four cubs.