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July 2015

31 July, 2015

Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge News July

Its been a busy month at Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge, as high season begins we have been welcoming lots of interesting guests including a Fellow of the American College of Cardiologypart of a team of dedicated doctors involved with the Great Ape Heart Project. Managers Alisa and Thor took the opportunity to hike up Mt Bisoke and trek to see the Agashya Gorilla Familes and Alisa fills us in on what an insightful delight the village walk from Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge is.

6 July, 2015

June at Loldia House

Over the past month Loldia Ranch has seen a lot of rain falling. The grasses on the ranch ave grown long and the impala and hippo have been happily grazing. Leopard sightings have been less this month but guests have been enjoying day trips to Lake Nakuru with good sightings of lion and rhino.

6 July, 2015

June Game Report Masai Mara

With the rains tapering off the grass levels in the Masai Mara have grown very long. Large herds of zebra and topi have been moving in and out of the reserve. Elephants in large numbers occupy the grasslands in front of our camps, the males have been busy fighting and we have had lots of elephant visitors to camp. There are big herds of giraffe in the forests between our camps and the large hyena den on rhino ridge has been a busy place with lots of little ones in the mix. Lion leopard and cheetah sightings remain good with lots of sightings of Malaika and her band of cubs.