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June 2015

9 June, 2015

Governors Guide to June in Masai Mara

As rainy season draws to a close the skies clear and the stars are spectacular at night. Out on the grasslands the grass grows long in preparation for the imminent arrival of the Wildebeest migration. Large herds of elephant feed and bathe in the marsh. The resident lion prides move in search of food and cheetah and leopard sightings remain good. We have lovely sightings of Marsh Owls hunting in the earl evening.

8 June, 2015

Good News for the Gorillas of Rwanda

April and May bring not only a change in the weather but some may say a change in the gorillas. The heavy rains also mark the bamboo season where fresh shoots are abundant and the gorillas descend from the heights of the volcanoes to sample their favorite juicy bamboo shoots or ‘gorilla beer’ as it is affectionately known by the guides and trackers! They say that the fresh bamboo changes the mood of the gorillas and liken it to having one to many cocktails! We have to say, there have been a few encounters from guests that may back up this claim!

4 June, 2015

May in Masai Mara

May has seen the onset of the rain season, the Mara River filled up together with the Marsh and waterways. Sending catfish swimming and a host of water birds following in their wake. Elephant have moved back into our area in large numbers and there are many young calves in the herds. The elder lioness Bibi from Marsh Pride of lions astonishingly had a cub at the grand old age of 17 and we had great leopard and cheetah sightings including a battle between a crocodile and a hungry leopard over a meal.