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April 2015

8 April, 2015

A trek to see the Sabyinyo Gorilla Family

Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge Managers Wendy and Fin take a trek to see the Sabyinyo Gorilla family together with Fin's family. When they arrived at the Gorillas there was high drama with Silverbacks beating their chests and fighting. The groups soon settled down and they witnesses the Silverback climbing, a very unusual sighting, big ben the only bald gorilla in the world peacefully feeding and carefully preparing their food. All in all it was a very memorable trek and here Wendy shares her story and photos from the day.

7 April, 2015

March Game Report for Masai Mara

February was a very hot and dry month but we did have some spectacular skies at night and towards the end of the month the rain arrived, greening up the plains, filling the Marsh and the Mara River. Large herds of wildebeest and zebra moved into the reserve following the grazing and congregated close to the Mara River crossing back and forth. The crocodile in the river took advantage of this grabbing a few zebra and wildebeest where they could. Large numbers of Topi gathered on the plains, elephants in small family units move across the grasslands. The core unit of the Marsh Pride of lions remained at the heart of their territory, with the males spending time away again there were more incursions from nomadic males intent on mating with the females and the young sub adult male Tatu received a bad facial injury from a kick from a zebra whilst hunting, we called in the KWS and David Sheldrick mobile clinic who were quick to treat him.