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March 2015

5 March, 2015

Birding and our new nature garden at Sabyinyo

Our new nature garden is complete and guests are invited to enjoy the peace and tranquility. It is a space designed to relax in as a native garden that attracts many bird species and a herb garden for the lodge. Wendy also provides a useful packing, reading and watching list for anyone planning a visit to Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge to see the Mountain Gorillas.

4 March, 2015

February Game Report Masai Mara

With a little rain falling we have seen the arrival of the wildebeest and zebra from the first of the annual migrations with thousands of wildebeest and zebra covering the plains around our camps. The wildebeest were also calving and there were young at every turn. With the fruit easing off in the woodlands families of elephant have moved out to the grasslands to feed and there are some small calves amongst the family groups. The resident lion prides have been feeding on the many zebras and wildebeest that are around. The pride has split into different groups and with the males spending weeks away the females have had to contend with incursions from nomadic males. Leopard and cheetah sightings remain good and Malaika has been busy teaching her cubs the art of hunting and survival on the plains of the Masai Mara.