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February 2015

6 February, 2015

Why we love February in Masai Mara

February is marked by cool mornings, hot days and a few scattered rain showers. The grasses on the savannah begin to dry out and herds of elephant with some small calves in the family units are drawn in to the forests around our camps to feed. One February we were incredibly privileged to witness the birth of a baby elephant in Little Governors Camp. Zebras and wildebeest from the Loita plains begin to arrive in the Masai Mara. Big cat sightings remain good and the birding is excellent with European migrants still around and resident birds nesting and raising their chicks.

3 February, 2015

January Game Report Masai Mara

Over the last month the game viewing the Masai Mara has been good. The Marsh Pride have had their usual mix of drama as lioness Mdomo lost her three cubs and the 5 breakaway lionesses and their cubs moved back into the area. With the males gone for long stretches of time there have been regular incursions from rogue males. Elephant in large numbers feed on the plains and forests and Crested Cranes are displaying in the grasslands.