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December 2011

21 December, 2011

An amazing gorilla encounter and footballs galore - update from Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge Rwanda

Two of our guests (Michael and Dagmar Wiegand) at Sabyinyo had an amazing gorilla trek yesterday,  one of the females from Agashya came and sat next to Dagmar, stretched her arm out and held Dagmar's hand for about 10 seconds, looked her in the eyes and then got up and walked off! The Wiegrand's also brought roughly 25 soccer balls to Rwanda and wherever they saw children playing soccer with hand-made soccer balls made from bags and rope, they donated a ball.

13 December, 2011

Wildlife Update from Masai Mara Safari - Governors Camp Courtesy of Patrick Reynolds

We have had some lovely weather these last few days. With the recent rains in late November and early December the grasses have really recovered and are nearly 3 ft high in some places. The Marsh still has water attracting many Hippo and along the verges there is some high coarse grasses which are attracting many Elephant.