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March 2011

23 March, 2011

Update from Little Governors' Camp - From James Duder Relief Camp Manager

We have received rain for the past 4 days. During late afternoon to early evening. This has not deterred the wildlife though. In fact it has sent a buzz through the Mara Plains and along the Mara River. The Marsh which has been relatively depleted of water a week ago has become alive with the sound of frogs chirping day and night.

15 March, 2011

Update from Wildlife Film-maker Warren Samuels - currently filming hyena hunting habits at Governors' Camp Masai Mara

The dry weather conditions we are currently experiencing in the Masai Mara is having a specific effect on wildlife behaviour. We are in the Masai Mara at Governors’ camp filming the unique behaviour of hyaena hunting topi in the heat of the day. I had filmed some of this for a Big Cat Update in Governors in May last year.

11 March, 2011

News from the bamboo forest a string of new arrivals for the Hirwa Gorilla Family

We have some great news from the bamboo forests of the Virunga Volcanoes in Rwanda. At the beginning of February there was lots of celebration in Rwanda as a set of Gorilla twins were born in the “Hirwa” group. We are delighted to report that the mother and her two babies are doing very well. However more excitement followed as two weeks later another baby gorilla was born in the same group! All of this is fantastic news for the long term survival of the highly endangered Mountain Gorilla.

9 March, 2011

Zebra everywhere, Lions feasting and elephant roam the riverine forests - Stephen's Sightings

Lovely Game drives in the Masai Mara yesterday. The Marsh Pride of lions brought down a buffalo close to the Mara River right in front of our guests enjoying a game drive; then Notch and two other males from the Paradise Pride went on a successful hippo hunt, it seems the pride have developed a liking for hippos.