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February 2011

28 February, 2011

White Tailed Mongoose makes nightly visits and wild aloes in full bloom

A white-tailed mongoose has been making nightly visits to the top cottage at Loldia to drink from the bird-bath, giving guests an interesting evening sighting. With the dry season in full swing the bird bath is providing a welcome drink to many smaller creatures. In anticipation of the coming rains many animals such as zebra and impala have young and hippo are seen snoozing on the lake shore beside very young babies often with a tuft of water hyacinth on their heads.

17 February, 2011

Mother cheetah and cub hunting lose to camp & white backed vulture raises chick in camp - Stephens Sightings

Lovely day in the Mara yesterday, the mother cheetah and her male cub were just near the edge of camp and the guests had an interesting time watching the cheetah trying to hunt impalas. A male leopard and a female were together at Base; they were probably mating as it is unusual to see them together.

11 February, 2011

Who killed the crocodile? - Stephen's Sightings

Stephen Mutua has been working for Governors' Camp for over 30 years he is one of our most senior guides and knows the Masai Mara intimately. He has worked on the Big Cat Diary series from its inception advising the crew on the big cats. We will be bringing you Stephen's sightings direct from the Masai Mara following the big cat families and all the action as it unfolds. Yesterday a leopard was seen feeding on a crocodile in an area of the Mara know as double crossing. The question on everyones mind is who killed the croc?

10 February, 2011

Baby Elephant born at Little Governors' Camp today!

A beautiful baby elephant was born right  in front of Little Governors' Camp bar this morning. The mother elephant wandered into camp followed by a group of other elephants. The mother settled herself between tent 5 and the bar and the other elephants then disappeared. The mother gave birth and then the other elephants re-appeared and surrounded the mother and the calf. There was much excitement in camp and the mother and calf are doing great!.

8 February, 2011

Masai Mara Wildlife Update 08.02.11

We are enjoying spectacular game drives at the moment in the Masai Mara. Today we witnessed the gory scene of the Paradise Pride of lions killing a hippo. The  five female lions started chasing the  hippo and  biting its rear. They eventually brought the hippo down and began to eat its rear end while it was still alive.  Whilst it was sad and uncomfortable to see the hippo suffer the pride have to eat, the six cubs  soon joined the females and Notch the dominant male and his three sons  were  not  far away, they will join the rest of the pride for the meal soon.