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Big Cat Diary

Big Cat Diary is a world famous nature documentary on BBC television which follows the lives of lion, cheetah and leopard of the Masai Mara. Governors Camp has been proudly home to the series since its inception. We have accommodated the BBC film crews and our team of expert guides who know the Masai Mara and its big cats like no other, tracked and followed the big cats of our area of the Masai Mara for the series. The Big Cat team had extensive experience from their many years of filming in this special corner of the Masai Mara Game Reserve. They monitored the lion, leopard and cheetah families which are resident around the Camp and further a field, sharing their fascinating lives and daily dramas with their viewers. The members of the Marsh Pride, a pride of lion whose home territory is close to the Governors family of camps, became famous through the series attracting millions of nightly viewers to the series. The first series was broadcast is 1996 and eight further series followed culminating in the most ambitious of the series Big Cat Live.

The abundance of wildlife especially big cats right on our doorstep has meant that Governors Camp has also played host to many other wildlife documentary crews including Disney's African Cats and most recently Truth About Lions where the main characters were once again the famous Marsh Pride of lions. Warren Samuels one of the BBC's team had the following to say about the choice of location; "we could have gone anywhere in Africa to find a pride of lions and film them to match the behavioral science that we have gathered from leading lion experts, but the Musiara Marsh stood out as being one of the prettiest locations to film lions in and the Marsh Pride were the obvious choice as the films main characters, as they are so well known by audiences worldwide."

Most recently we have played host to Richard Hammond and the BBC Planet Earth Live film crew for the BBC's Planet Earth Live Wildlife Documentary. Whilst with us the team focussed on the lions of the Masai Mara.