Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge

April at Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge 2018

On the 13th of April Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge made a generous food donation to the Genocide survivors in Kinigi. This was made during the closing ceremony that marks the end of the genocide memorial week also known as Kwibuka. Sabyinyo representative Leonard attended the ceremony and made the donation on behalf of the lodge. This ceremony marked 24 years since the genocide.



Sabyinyo and Bisate Hosted the Unites States Holocaust Memorial Museum at Sabyinyo.

The group of 30 who stayed between the two lodges visited the Volacanoes National Park for Gorilla and Golden Monkey trekking. The evening kicked off with talks from both the Gorilla Doctors and the Diane Fossey Foundation, these presentations were an incredibly interesting and informative introduction to their stay here and for many of them, their first time in Africa. A traditional Rwandan feast was served in the Sabyinyo dining room and the evening was filled with singing, dancing and presentations which everyone happily got involved in. 

Due to the rains, families of Gorillas have moved lower down the mountains to feast on new bamboo shoots. Treks have been short and a bit muddy these last few weeks, nevertheless some incredible up -close moments have been had and captured by our guests who were very happy to share some pictures with us.


 gorilla and guest

The last Saturday of every month brings national Umuganda day. On this day communities come together to do a variety of public works throughout the country that contribute to its overall national development, this community service day started back  in 1962. Sabyinyo staff and the surrounding community members got together for a social day of tree planting. The local community around the lodge joined our staff members to plant 460 indigenous trees on our newly purchased land. The Government policy is ‘cut one tree plant at least two’. For Sabyinyo we cut down one and planted more that 400!

tree planting

tree planting

tree planting

tree planting

Trix Hartley, Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge, relief manager. 



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