In-house photographer

After a fantastic 2019 helping our guests master their cameras, Will Fortescue is joining us again in 2020 as our in-house photographer. He will be on hand to provide advice and tips or in-depth tutorials to our guests on all elements of photography, including editing.

Dates that Will is with us: Jan 1st – Feb 15th, April 16th – May 31st and July 11th – August 31st.




With a first class degree in Marine and Natural History Photography as well as over a year’s experience of photography in the Mara with Governors’, Will is here to make sure you go home with the perfect safari photograph!

He is on hand across all our Mara camps to assist in any of the following areas:

  • Get the most out of your camera: Hoping to get the ultimate safari shot but unsure how to get the best out of your camera? Will can go over any questions you may have about your equipment to make sure you get that perfect image to take home.
  • Accompanied Safaris: For all levels of photographer. Will’s readily on hand to accompany you on your game drives to make sure you capture the best photos possible on your trip. Covering everything from technical aspects of your camera to photo composition this is a great chance to make the most of having a wildlife and photography guide with you on safari.
  • Edit your images: Using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and making a few small changes to your photos, he can help make your favourite safari images even better before you head home and get them on the wall.

Below are details of how a day on safari with Will can be structured but they are of course extremely flexible depending on what you’re hoping to achieve:

  • Before Your Safari: In order to maximise the time you spend out on safari Will will meet you in camp the evening before your day(s) together. This allows you both to meet and have a conversation about your previous photography experience and expectations for your time together. It’s a great chance to go over any technical questions you may have about your equipment as well as go through an image review; a chance for Will to look at some of your previous images and discuss a few composition techniques.
  • Out on safari: Now that you’re out ‘in the bush’ Will will be working with your guide to ensure that your vehicle is in the optimum position each time you want to take a photograph; a few meters to the left or to the right can make a huge difference to your photos.
    Once in position there is ample time to explore a wide range of camera techniques and image style; close up portraits, wide angle scenic shots, freeze frame and slow shutter speed (panning) images, back and front lighting, silhouettes, and many more. The aim is that by the end of your safari adjusting your camera settings will come as second nature, however throughout your safari Will is able to call out settings that he’s using so as to best take advantage of the ‘golden hour light’ so often seen on African safaris and to ensure you should never miss a shot. Depending on the number of days you book will determine how long might be spent on each technique or species but they are designed to ensure you take home a wide range of images from your safari.
  • After your safari: Once you’ve taken your images it’s vital to get the best out of them, a few small editing teaks can go a long way.
    With that in mind after each safari you’ll have the chance to go through your images with Will, reviewing where they went well and exploring editing techniques on Adobe Lightroom to turn your favourite images in to real ‘wow’ shots. Learn how to create dramatic black and white images, dynamic landscape shots or intimate portraits.

If you would like to guarantee some time with Will during your stay, he is available to be pre-booked at a day rate plus an exclusive use vehicle. Please contact us on or your travel agent to ask about booking a personalised wildlife photography lesson with Will.

If you have any questions on any of these services, please ask Will when you see him in camp, or one of the reception staff and they’ll pass the message on. While being based at Governors’ Camp he will be available across all four of our Mara camps, just ask your camp manager and they will organise a meeting for you.

You can find more of Will’s stunning imagery shared on our Instagram page (@governorscampcollection), or if you would like to purchase one of his prints, please visit his website

You can read some of Will’s photography articles HERE which will give you some insight and tips ahead of your visit!