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"...places that touch your soul."

Our Values

When is the last time you visited a place that touched your soul? A place that enriches you with new and radically different cultural experiences? Governors’ Camp has been a pioneer of safaris in Africa for 30 years. Since we established our first luxury safari camp on the site once reserved for Kenya’s colonial Governors’, we have kept the name and the best of the traditions of those times. Our collection of properties are situated in the heart of the Best Wildlife viewing areas of Kenya and Rwanda, set in some of East Africa’s most Spectacular Scenery. Our Clients Benefit from the incredible location and style of our properties, our commitment to service excellence, the exceptional training of our guides and the strong bonds we have created with our Community Neighbors over the 34 years we have been in operation. Relax and Enjoy the diversity and beauty of Kenya and Rwanda in the knowledge you are looked after by the Best in the Business.