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Mara Predator Project

Governors’ Camp Collection is now working with the Mara Predator Project to help protect and conserve lions. Throughout Africa lions face extinction because they attack livestock in areas outside National Park boundaries and are killed in retaliation. The Mara Predator Project carries our science based conservation working to reduce the cost of predators to livestock and people. They do this by improving livestock practices, studying the behaviour and ecology of predators living alongside humans and monitoring their response to conservation actions.

With the help of camp guides and visitors the Mara Predator Project is monitoring the lions in and around the northern Masai Mara. By building an identification database of lions the project is able to track individuals and therefore identify pride home and population trends allowing the project to apply effective conservation techniques.

Visitors can get involved and help the project by submitting images and reported sightings of lions either in the camp or online at there is a database where visitors can upload their photographs, identify lions and report sightings. Our camp guides are assisting the project with reported sightings and photos of the lions.